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Sandra's visit was lovely. I picked her up from the airport on Sunday the 11th, and there was much hugging and squealing about cuteness. After getting home I showed her around the house, which took all of two seconds. We ordered Chinese, then watched part of Sharknado (she was tired from travel and I was tired from cleaning and stress so we both ended up falling asleep partway through the movie). On Monday I took her to the National Funeral Museum and we drooled over the ornate hearses, then we headed to Deerbrook Mall to kill some time shopping before seeing Pacific Rim.

I saw that movie three times in the theater, which is the most I've seen any movie in the theater, and two of those times I also paid for someone to see it with me. So I bought five tickets for that movie. Wow, great movie. Oh my god.

Tuesday was a slow day, with a short visit to fit and the grocery store to buy a duck. For dinner I introduced Sandra to the wonders of Whataburger. She was galled by the size of the drinks lol. Wednesday was spent getting lost in the Galleria, and after finally escaping I took her home and made chili. On Thursday Mom came with us to get barbecue for lunch, and then Sandra and I went to the aquarium. SANDRA BOUGHT ME A SQUID HAT.

Friday was my birthday, and it was wonderful. I am officially two years old! We went for pancakes for breakfast and our waitress was super nice. We chilled at home for a bit, had some cake, and then headed to the Museum of Natural Science. After checking out the butterfly center, I drooled over the paleontology hall while Mom and Sandra waited patiently for me to finish whispering sweet nothings to the long-dead specimens. Then we went for steaks and we all tried out new, exciting drinks. I...don't remember what I had, just that it was fruity :)

Saturday was Take Sandra to Work Day, and afterward we went for Mexican food.

Sunday Sandra packed up and flew off.

I can't believe that she came all the way from Norway to see me. We had so much fun together, and I really miss her. I keep looking around for her and all that's left is a Sandra-shaped hole.
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Laundry is all washed and dried and halfway folded. I'm probably going to end up hiding some stuff in my room just to clean it up because I ran out of time to clean. Good thing I've got plenty of hidey holes in my room lol.

Made a run earlier to the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. Ended coming home with mai tai mix (yum yum), hibiscus jam, and brownie stuffed chips ahoy. I am mildly disappointed with the fact that the brownies are not especially noticeable, but I am more disappointed by how few cookies were in the package. Only fifteen, but at least it's a number I'm fond of.

Now I am drinking a mai tai and catching up on Project Runway. I'm very sad the unicorn boy got sent home because I had a lot of fun yelling at him for being an ignorant douchewhistle.

Sandra is arriving in a little over twelve hours and I am freaking out in the best way possible.
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Sandra is arriving TOMORROW. Less than twenty-four hours to go! I still need to finish cleaning (my room and Chaney's car because I am driving it while he is out of town), do laundry, and get some grocery shopping done. I'm just sitting at work twirling around in my desk chair because there is nothing to do and I hate that I can't just go home early.

I had a terrible day yesterday and it has sort of bled over into today, leaving me with a headache and feeling incredibly anxious in a way that is completely unrelated to Sandra's visit. I should also be starting my period sometime this week (grrr....) and I can already feel the tell-tale bloating and extra emotional shit that comes with that.

I may very well end up going home, putting my laundry in, and then crashing for a nap even though I have stuff to do because I know I won't get anything accomplished as long as I feel awful. Maybe a nap with a kitty is all I need to get my vim back.

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