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Sandra's visit was lovely. I picked her up from the airport on Sunday the 11th, and there was much hugging and squealing about cuteness. After getting home I showed her around the house, which took all of two seconds. We ordered Chinese, then watched part of Sharknado (she was tired from travel and I was tired from cleaning and stress so we both ended up falling asleep partway through the movie). On Monday I took her to the National Funeral Museum and we drooled over the ornate hearses, then we headed to Deerbrook Mall to kill some time shopping before seeing Pacific Rim.

I saw that movie three times in the theater, which is the most I've seen any movie in the theater, and two of those times I also paid for someone to see it with me. So I bought five tickets for that movie. Wow, great movie. Oh my god.

Tuesday was a slow day, with a short visit to fit and the grocery store to buy a duck. For dinner I introduced Sandra to the wonders of Whataburger. She was galled by the size of the drinks lol. Wednesday was spent getting lost in the Galleria, and after finally escaping I took her home and made chili. On Thursday Mom came with us to get barbecue for lunch, and then Sandra and I went to the aquarium. SANDRA BOUGHT ME A SQUID HAT.

Friday was my birthday, and it was wonderful. I am officially two years old! We went for pancakes for breakfast and our waitress was super nice. We chilled at home for a bit, had some cake, and then headed to the Museum of Natural Science. After checking out the butterfly center, I drooled over the paleontology hall while Mom and Sandra waited patiently for me to finish whispering sweet nothings to the long-dead specimens. Then we went for steaks and we all tried out new, exciting drinks. I...don't remember what I had, just that it was fruity :)

Saturday was Take Sandra to Work Day, and afterward we went for Mexican food.

Sunday Sandra packed up and flew off.

I can't believe that she came all the way from Norway to see me. We had so much fun together, and I really miss her. I keep looking around for her and all that's left is a Sandra-shaped hole.
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