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Welcome to my journal.

About Me

I am exactly who you think I am.

I wanted...not a fresh start exactly, but a more organized workspace. I decided to start a new journal because the idea of fixing the tags on six years' worth of entries was way too daunting. If you've followed me here from my old journal, hello! If not, hello new friends! It's time to lower the gang plank and welcome you aboard the Friend Ship! My name's Megan, but you can call me whatever you'd like. I live in Houston, Texas, with my mom, younger brother, four cats, two betta fish, and an occasional armadillo. My mom is from Mexico, and my dad was from Cambodia (but mixed with family from both Cambodia and China), but my brother and I were raised in the US. I'm cis and my sexuality is a big fat question mark. The sort of stuff you'll see here is just personal whining, with the occasional fandom post. If you'd like to see less personal stuff, I recommend you check out my tumblr, which is a big mishmash of stuff. Real life issues, cute animals, personal blogging about my life, crying about fictional feels, and fandom-y type posts.


Name: Megan
Birthday & Age: August 16th (23)
Location: Houston, TX
Gender: cis female
Sexuality: hahaha what
Relationship: food


The Babies


(clockwise from top left: Bernard "Booboo", Kiwi, Todd, and Meeko)

November 2013

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